Jobs for Expats

I’ve been reading the expatriate websites and chatting to a number of expats in France about the work they do here, so I thought I’d share my ideas on jobs for expats.
Finding work in a foreign country can be tricky. Not all people make the move with work lined up – some are the trailing partner, who merely hopes they can find a job that works for them. This is made even more difficult when you’re still learning the language – not many local businesses will hire someone who can’t speak the local language well! So, I put a little thought into the sorts of work expats (or those wanting a working holiday abroad) can pick up fairly easily in a new country.

What could you do?

Types of work for expats could include:

  • Freelancing Online (piece work or ongoing tasks for regular clients)
  • Starting a Business
  • Freelancing with Local Businesses
  • Full/Part Time Work Locally

Specific ideas could include:

  • Writing Online
  • Website Design
  • Teaching First Language to Locals
  • Teaching Music, Computing or other Non-Language-Based Skill
  • Assisting in a Help-Line in your First Language for an industry you are familiar with (eg. Banking)
  • The list goes on forever..

Tell us what you think in the expat job ideas poll and feel free to add your expat job ideas in the comments!

Need a Job Now?

For those of us living and working abroad who are always looking for freelance contracts and piece work, you know all too well how annoying it is to trawl the same websites for the new jobs or to see a pile of RSS jobs that are so old that there’s no point applying. To get around this, I created a few websites that pull in the RSS feeds for the best jobs. This way, you can just check out the new work and ignore the older stuff.

Best Web-Worker Jobs
Best Expat Jobs in France

For writers and web designers, I’ve put together a page of the Best Web-Worker Jobs.


For the Expats in France, I made a job board for the Best Expat Jobs in France. It pulls in both the web-worker jobs and jobs for English-speakers in France (this includes translation and jobs to teach English in France). Hope it can be of use to you!

If you’re still confused and could use a bit of motivation in regards to getting a new career, check out some of my other posts (from Bootstrap Your Life) on careers and work.

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